Thursday, 24 June 2010

Testing, testing...

After yesterday's news, a lot of ME sufferers (myself included) have switched from hesitating to deciding to try somehow for an XMRV blood test. Naturally, this will have to be privately done and paid for.

By a remarkable coincidence, the BBC news site today carried an article on how NHS doctors are asking the government to clamp down on private medical testing and screening.

Hollow laughter form this blogger at the following sentence:

They claim private tests can be unreliable and inaccurate, and offered without the sound evidence base behind NHS screening.

(my emphasis)

That would be the sound evidence base that forbids such horrors as testing possible ME patients for Coxsackie B, would it? That  doesn't want us to have the tilt table test in case it proves there is a problem with our brains - oh sorry, I mean, 'because it is so unpleasant for the poor dears'.

There's also a vague accusation that private tests are somehow 'unreliable'.

Total absence of any of these doctors calling for more testing to be available via the NHS so that we wouldn't have to go to private medicine in our search for answers and decent treatment. Funny, that.

And the timing is dashed odd.

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