Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Brain fog + Blogger is baaaaad

Ok, I thought I would see what the new templates were like. Now my blog is unrecognisable, and I can't get the old look back. Bah. Going back to bed before I break anything else.

Am kind of annoyed that this was only included in their 'try it, it's great!' blurb as a tiny footnote:

[1] Note: Selecting a new template will erase all of your customizations on the existing template, so if you have customized your template be sure to first save the current template at Design > Edit HTML.


  1. Yes, Blogger can be really irritating at times. Having had some annoying disasters myself in the past, I now have a test blog (used only for test purposes and not with any proper content) that I use to try out format changes on before making any changes to me real blog. I also write long blogs in Word and save regularly, then cut and paste them into Blogger, as I have in the past lost hours of work through irritating glitches.

  2. Ack. Wish I'd thought to save my settings before I changed templates. Fortunately nothing seems to be buggy. Yet.