Friday, 30 April 2010

Plus ca change...

There's just no dealing with ignorant people is there? Quoting below a charming comment posted in response to an article reporting the outcome of Dr Myhill's IOP hearing yesterday. I remain stunned by the hatred people like this can feel for sick people.

If this was a game of 'ignorant bastard bingo', this guy's scorecard would be full. I don't think they miss a single misconception, untruth or prejudice.

"CFS and ME are designer diseases that only affect the cosseted, educated worried well of the Western World. These 'diseases' are completely unknown in the Third World, even when malnourishment, parasites and social deprivation abound. If you remove these factors in the Third World, the recipients blossom like flowers in the desert. It makes me mad that so much resource is poured out on these deluded people, who virtually ALL need prolonged psychiatric help or cognitive behavioural therapy, not vitamins and yet more expensive tests. The arrogance of denial and insistence on their 'rights' gets up my - and I suspect most - people's noses.

The one thing in common with most CFS and ME sufferers is the enormous energy they have to spend time talking about their disease, researching everything there has ever been published about it and how they 'feel'.


  1. That poster's is just an ignorant troll. Probably just trying to stir up a flame war because he's an arsehole. He's the one needs therapy.

  2. Oh, he could be sincere. Maybe he takes satisfaction in thinking other people are inferior to him. Maybe he knows someone who has it and doesn't want to cope with the idea that bad things can happen to good people.

    But I'm guessing it's the first one.