Thursday, 8 April 2010

Do or Do Not, Want?

Undergoing a prime example of how having ME has messed up my reactions to things today.

My GP sent me for blood tests yesterday because he suspects diabetes.

Pre-ME, my feelings right now would have been a clearcut, no-question-about-it 'hope the results are negative'. The sane reaction. Because no one wants diabetes, right?

Instead I find myself see-sawing between hoping for a negative result and thinking 'but at least it might explain some of the might mean some of them could be would show people I'm not just a crazy lady who gets off on pretending to be sick...'

They fuck you up, your invisible illnesses.


  1. Diabetes is really not a big deal. My dad was diabetic, so is JD. If your diabetes can be controlled by diet, then it is relatively simple to do - and can make a huge difference to energy levels

  2. *hugs* thank you, that reassures me quite a lot!