Friday, 16 April 2010

Do Not Have

So I called in and my blood tests all came back as 'normal, no action needed'. At the same time, I've taken the last of my stupidly-big antibiotics.

Which is good. Except the symptoms are still around and so presumably something is responsible for them. Which means I am sitting here pondering whether to

1 - make another appointment and insist I still have the dizziness etc - at the risk of being labelled a hypochondriac/typical ME crazy lady who is hyper-aware of her own body

2 - see what happens next week in the absence of the drugs

3 - decide not to do anything unless the symptoms get quite a bit worse - you know, visibly worse - maybe they'll go away on their own

And it made me wonder - whatever happened to review appointments? I'm sure that in my dim and distant past, when a doctor gave me drugs or sent me for tests, they would say 'and I want to see you in two weeks/a month/whatever to check progress'. Progress seems no longer to be checked unless one insists on it (with the attendant risk of getting the 'stroppy patient label' that carries).

Does anyone else notice this change, or am I experiencing doctors who follow the Wesseley school advice of 'never schedule review appointments for an ME patient, it just encourages them'? Paranoid, moi?

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  1. Glad the blood tests were OK. Perhaps you should wait until next week to see what happens when you are off the drugs before deciding what to do next. I agree doctors seem so busy these days they don't follow up on things like they used to.