Monday, 8 March 2010

...and a terrible gnashing of teeth

So, the new dentist I visited on Friday has informed me gently that about two thirds of the fillings in my mouth are leaking badly (and I have a lot of fillings!). Over the next few months, they will be removed and replaced with ones that contain no mercury.

It will be rather interesting to see whether this diminishes any or all of my symptoms that have for the last five years been diagnosed as ME. I'll keep you posted. I've read widely-differing opinions on whether leaking mercury amalgam fillings are dangerous or not - now it looks like I'm going to find out for myself. I did consider having all my fillings replaced a few years ago, but the cost in the post-NHS dentist days was prohibitive for something I would have been trying 'in case it makes a difference'.

Rather worryingly, all the teeth in my mouth are also wobbly to the touch; once all the extractions and fillings are done, we will be trying a mouth guard for me to put in during sleeping and hope that settles them all down.

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