Saturday, 10 July 2010

Papers and panics

So, as Elle mentioned in her comment yesterday, we may soon get the FDA study after all (details below).

Yesterday I was talking to Anth about how much the psych school attitude to ME reminds me of a witch-hunter's attitude to those accused of witchcraft - namely, if you protest your innocence, to a witch-hunting mind that proves your guilt in their looking-glass-world mind.  With particular reference to events in Salem, I remarked that witch panics have historically rarely (if ever) been ended by appeals to reason or decency. They have ended when they became too embarrassing to higher authorities, and/or when there has been a greater vested interest in them ending than continuing.

Maybe the CDC has overreached itself in recent weeks and crossed that 'become too embarrassing' line?

Quoting from ProHealth:

The world-famous paper by FDA/NIH researchers reporting that they found evidence of XMRV in ME/CFS patients’ blood will be published "within weeks," according to the CFIDS Association of America.

A posting dated Friday July 9 on the CFIDS Association Facebook page notes that a sentence has been added to their article titled  “XMRV Link Accelerates Scientific and Media Interest.” 

Specifically, the revised article now states, at the end of the eighth paragraph: "The researchers have conducted additional experiments as requested by the reviewers and their paper is expected to be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences within weeks."

Though no source is cited, the CAA further commented (just before 11 am Pacific time) on Facebook that "The information comes from several well-informed people close to the study with whom we are in regular contact."

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