Monday, 24 May 2010

Fifth International ME Conference

is today.

Next year I promise myself I will marshal my physical, mental and financial resources and attend.

A very brave group are also planning a march today, so good luck to them and thanks for acting on behalf of so many others with the disease.

I'm thrilled to see that this year's conference is going to be available on DVD - I'll for sure be ordering myself a copy, and so9 able to take in all the information in 'manageable chunks'. This is a very thoughtful move on the part of the organisers, as many with ME have concentration problems - I know I find that after a while words simply turn into noise, lodging no meaning or lasting impression in my brain.

And a heads up for next year - if anyone with a non-ME brain and body fancies attending, I'm going to be looking for a partner to attend with (or to go without me if I have a flare and can't go), and to help write up the conference afterwards.

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